Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teacher appreciation gift on Twitpic

I had so much fun coming up with a poem to attach to the board- see below.   The hands have coupons on them that she can use, such as "This is good for one big hug"! I just love making this project every year!  Buy a bulletin board at Walmart, etc.  Get some fancy letters made of chipboard or stickers and attach the teachers name to the board, I find a glue gun works best.  Have the kids submit to you one month in advance their hands, you can laminate them if you are really ambitious.  Cut the tree trunk out on your cricut.  Don't forget to add either her name or "thanks" using your design studio.  Use push pins to attach the tree to the board.  This way she can take it off and use the board for her classroom.  Enjoy!

"The Teaching Tree"
When you look at these hands what do you see?
Are you looking at bright leaves of a tree?
But take a closer look this very minute-
And notice the treasures that are found within it.
These hands can be so many things,
Maybe children who now have bigger wings?
Loving hands with an open heart,
Ready now for first grade, and off to a great start.
Whatever you make it, you can't go wrong.
Just take a little time to look and see
Where these hands have grown from,
And you'll surely agree-
Your students, the growth, and reaching their goals,
Created this for you with heart and soul.
Keep them or use them as the time shall past,
But remember you were our tree trunk that grew us so fast!
And surely you will still get to see them grow like this tree,
As you have held these hands for the past year, you see.
We chose this special present because we wanted you to know,
That we are grateful for your hard work in helping us to grow.
For your constant understanding and for always being there,
To tell us we can do it and to show us that you care!
Use these hands as they each contain a special gift,
especially if your day just needs a little lift,
Even though we are growing into first grade,
Don't ever forget the wonderful progress we all made!

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