Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Weekend Crop Space!

I decided to snap a few pictures of my scrap space.  I want to lure in all of you who haven't come to take advantage of a day away!  I just love scrappin with the girls- sharing time together is priceless!  I decided to purchase some craft self healing mats for everyone and some new chair cusions!  After all, 8 hours of sitting can take a toll on your bum!  I have another room full of scrap items that I didn't get in the pictures, I try to keep all my personal items seperate for the crops.  I just love to share my paper, embellishing items, cricut, stickers, etc!  If you have no supplies, no worries, use all my items, and I only charge $5 a page- you design any way you like!  Happy Mother's Day to everyone- don't forget to spoil yourselves! 


  1. Thanks cricaholic! I think I spend more time rearranging it than srapping sometimes!